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System requirements

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System Requirements

        Audio Headphones/Headset


You can use our service if you have: 1) Skype, 2) an audio headset and 3) web browser is all you need to enjoy our rich interactive learning experience.

To get the most out of your lessons with us we recommend that you use a webcam (video camera) in addition to your headset. Your sessions will be more realistic and fun when we can see each other.


System requirements




Audio and video

> Audio headset

> Webcam

> Noise canceling audio headset

> High definition webcam for 2-way vide

Internet Connection

Audio only

> 64 Kbps download

> 32 Kbps upload

Audio only

> 512 Kbps download

> 128 Kbps upload

Audio and video

> 500 Kbps download

> 384 Kbps upload


Audio and video

> 1.5 Mbps download

> 786 Kbps upload



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