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Frequent Questions (FAQ)

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

What minimum level of English do I need to qualify for your service?
The minimum level to qualify is Pre-intermediate or A2 on the CEFR scale. To benefit from our live training, you must be able to ask and answer basic questions and understand basic instructions in English. This is because we only use English to expose you to as much English as possible during our sessions. We would be glad to evaluate your English during our FREE 15-minute English evaluation session.


What are the minimum system requirements? 
You can use our service if you have (1) a broadband Internet connection (2) Skype, 3) an audio headset and we recommend using a webcam. Before starting, please make sure that your computer meets the Minimum System Requirements.


How do you personalize my course? 
We will ask you to complete a brief Needs Analysis Questionnaire to tell us what skills you want to focus on. Whether it's speaking, listening, writing or reading - your trainer will concentrate on improving the skills you need the most. 


How long does it take to learn English?
Learning a language never really stops. Native speakers of English are constantly learning new expressions and words. It would simply be untrue to say that you can learn to use the language like a native speaker after a short period of time. What we can say is that  we can teach you the English you need through focusing on your needs and the gaps we identify in your knowledge.  Your progress will depend on your individual circumstances and your commitment to learning the language.


How much time do I have to spend learning in order to make progress?
The more exposure you have to the language and the more regular your lessons, the greater your progress will be. At the very minimum, we recommend that you take at least  three hours per week. Your trainer will ensure that the time you spend in your lessons and the guided exposure you have to English outside lesson time is well spent. However, the most important factor in your progress is your own motivation. We will do everything in our power to ensure that this is maintained.


How long will my classes be?
Your classes will last 50 minutes. It takes your trainer an additional 10 minutes to prepare lesson feedback. Our experience shows us that this is the best length for online English lessons. You will be doing a varied and interesting series of activities in each lesson and we guarantee that the time will seem to pass quickly.


Will I get a report or a certificate?
Yes, we will issue a learning report and a certificate at the end of each course upon request.


How does HumanEnglish compare to Rosetta Stone and other computer-based language learning applications?
Rosetta Stone or other computer-based tools can help you build your initial language skills, but to confidently communicate in real life situations you need to develop and practice your skills with a real person. At HumanEnglish you will be learning with a professional language trainer who motivates you, helps you to organize your study and provides learning tips and support when you need it! Your trainer will be able to see when there is a problem and give you guidance. We bring the best features of global classroom learning and leading coursebooks to the online environment. The experience of our academic team provides a truly unique and innovative approach to learning. Most importantly, this approach is all about you and your needs. This is always foremost in our minds.


Are there any connection fees or charges?
NO. You pay NO connection charges. All Skype-to-Skype calls are absolutely free. Our interactive whiteboard is included with our service. 


Can I learn using just the telephone?
We do not offer telephone English classes. To benefit from our rich interactive learning experience you need Skype and a web browser.

Can I get my money back if I'm not happy with your service?
Yes! If you are not completely satisfied with our service we will refund your money within 15 days of your request.