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English Language Training For Your Company

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Bright English Language Audit


The Bright Language Analysis: a complete language audit before training begins. Organizing a language training program for employees implies knowing not only their language level, but also their professional objectives, their needs, and constraints. By using the Bright Language Skills Reference Guide, the language coordinator can determine the exact starting level of the trainee and the level to be attained. With this information the coordinator can organize the appropriate pedagogical program that should be followed.


Testing program

  • 80 grammar and structure questions
  • 60 oral comprehension questions
  • All questions randomized


Bright for Business:  Key Benefits

  • Assist with language program design
  • Assist with recruitment
  • Test employees before transfer
  • Assess the linguistic resources within the company
  • Assist the training department with budgets
  • Provides companies with a uniform linguistic assessment tool


Bright assesses the linguistic resources in the company

By choosing Bright to evaluate the language levels of all the company employees, our international clients have selected an objective, standardized tool that is used in all sites, and at all levels in the hierarchy.  Companies can evaluate the linguistic competencies of all their personnel, thus enabling employees to be matched with the linguistic requirements of a post.


Bright assists the training department with budgets and learner placement

Managing training budgets is never an easy task. The Bright Language Test, taken at the beginning and the end of a training program, not only measures the progress of the trainees but also provides an indication of how much further training is required and consequently assists the training department to earmark the budget needed to provide the appropriate training. Thanks to the Bright Test and our Language Reference Guide, training managers, upper management, career managers and heads of recruitment can rely on our tests to define language objectives for their personnel and organize budgets over one or several years.


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