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Aviation English

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circle Minimum 10 lessons
clock 50 mins

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This course covers the English language and skills needed by pilots, air-traffic controllers and cabin staff. The aim of Aviation English is to develop awareness of language and speaking skills so that these can be relied on for accurate communication. Specific aviation vocabulary is given full treatment within the context of lessons designed to simulate the high pressure situations that people working in this field find themselves and so increase confidence, perform accurately and communicate the messages they need to.


The course covers English for:

  • The ICAO alphabet
  • Understanding and communicating numerical information
  • Incidents on landing, taking off and inflight
  • Weather conditions
  • Accident investigation reports
  • Hazards-in-air and ground based
  • Approach delays and rerouting
  • Passenger security
  • Handling cargo In-flight hospitality

Aviation English can be used by pilots and air traffic controllers preparing for the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) fluency test.