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English for Finance and Banking

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circle Minimum 10 lessons
clock 50 mins

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Many companies today manage international assets and financial resources and need to be able to do so using English. English for Finance and Banking gives you the appropriate language, terminology and skills you need to communicate on complex financial issues while operating in an international environment.


This course covers:

  • The vocabulary of finance
  • The role of finance within the organization
  • Money and expressing numerical information accurately
  • The international financial environment
  • Drafting, reviewing and presenting business accounts
  • Company reports
  • Understanding the business cycle
  • The vocabulary of debt, recession and currency variations
  • Reporting financial data internally-emails and presentations
  • Describing financial trendsTakeovers and mergers 

There is a strong review element to this course to help with expressing numerical information, as well as a large input of vocabulary associated with finance and related areas. The course is based around presenting information and there are many opportunities given to practice the set of skills needed to do this effectively and confidently.