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Learn the skills you need to write effective emails


Email English

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circle 16 lessons
clock 60 mins each

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Email is a critical business communication tool for millions of business people around the world. To succeed in today's business world, you need to have the skills necessary to write effective emails. 


Our Email English course gives systematic, comprehensive and interactive practice, support and guidance to build the skills and confidence you need to communicate effectively using email.


After completing this course you will be able to


  • Open and close your mails appropriately
  • Use the right level of formality
  • Use punctuation, spelling and abbreviations correctly
  • Write commercial emails
  • Write with better style and confidence



Course Overview

Target Audience

  • Executives
  • Managers
  • Business professionals
  • Entrepreneurs

Key Content

  • Learn the basics
  • Get thorough practice in the grammar, fixed expressions and common writing conventions
  • Writing for business situations such as negotiating a deal, inquiring about orders and dealing with and making written complaints
  • Discuss your personal difficulties, exchange real emails and receive feedback from your trainer
  • Build a bank of model emails to use in your job


  • Pre-Intermediate
  • Intermediate
  • Upper Intermediate
  • Advanced


  • Understand and use the globally accepted conventions and style used by native English speakers to write business emails
  • Open and close your emails, use appropriate abbreviations, punctuation and spelling
  • Deal with orders, requests for information and payment.
  • Have the language you need to describe processes and business trends
  • Create convincing and informative emails by using appropriate styles: friendly or more formal, direct or more distant
  • Use a core of useful vocabulary, phrases and sentence structures to create clear and impactful emails
  • Make sure your attachments are read
  • Have a bank of email templates you can use for your everyday business communications



  • Email exchange with your trainer
  • Live role plays
  • Simulations
  • Interactive tasks
  • Focused conversation
  • Language activities such as gap fills and matching exercises
  • Vocabulary work


In regards to your mail

  1. Opening and closing
  2. Formal or informal?
  3. Requesting information
  4. Replying to a request

Focus on language

  1. Common Mistakes
  2. Punctuation
  3. Spelling
  4. Using abbreviations


  1. From enquiry to order
  2. Discussing options
  3. Agreeing to terms
  4. Asking for payment


Being Polite

  1. Making apologies
  2. Being direct and brief
  3. Being indirect and polite
  4. Being Friendly 

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