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About HumanEnglish

English language training for the new era


About HumanEnglish

HumanEnglish was founded to give business owners, executives, managers and entrepreneurs around the world the opportunity to improve English communication skills with the best available business English trainers.

HumanEnglish only employs trainers who are both certified as English teachers and are experienced working in the business world.


HumanEnglish offers one-on-one and small group classes. The classes are held online in interactive classrooms where the learners see and speak with the trainer, communicate via text chat, interactive whiteboard and content sharing.


HumanEnglish is the project of Globuspeak, Inc. Globuspeak is headquartered in Beverly Hills, California.


Key People


Anton Pereiaslavtsev | Founder and CEO


Anton's background in English learning and Information Technology enables him to bring world-class business English training to professionals around the world.


Prior to founding HumanEnglish, Anton served as a Vice President of Information Technology at a Los Angeles-based investment management company Tower Asset Management and founded an IT consulting company Evolve! Technology Consulting.


Anton earned a degree in Business Information Technology from California State University, Northridge. He studied International Business at Kingston University, London.



Tony Winn | Academic and HR  Advisor


Tony has over 25 years  of experience as a teacher, teacher-trainer, academic manager and course writer with leading language teaching organizations in Portugal, France and the UK.


During his career, Tony prepared hundreds of business people  around  the globe for real-world interactions in English.

Currently in Lancaster, England he is developing a way to provide quality learning experiences for working people through a principled approach to learning English online.


Eric Roth |  Academic Advisor


Eric teaches international graduate students the pleasures of academic writing and public speaking in English at the University of Southern California.


Eric has taught numerous English and writing courses Roth, a former journalist and Congressional aide, also directed the CES Adult Education Center from 1996-1999, assisting over 1,000 immigrants and refugees become naturalized U.S. citizens.


Roth received his MA in Media Studies in 1988. He co-authored an ESL textbook,  Compelling Conversations: Questions and Quotations on Timeless Topics (Chimayo Press) in 2007.


Monica Polt | Head Business English Trainer


Monica helps business professionals around the world improve their English speaking skills in presentations, negotiations, telephoning, meetings, and conferences.


Monica is a qualified teacher of American English with 18 years of experience teaching both children and adults at all levels.


Monica has taught at schools, colleges, and leading companies in the USA, UK, UAE, Germany, and France.