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English for Sales

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circle Minimum 10 lessons
clock 50 mins

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No matter what type of business you are in your sales efforts have a direct impact on your bottom line and if you operate in the international market your ability to use the English language will be an important factor in getting the results you need. This course gives you the English you need to operate with confidence.  


English for Sales is a practical and structured course which gives you the language and skills you need to:

  • Understand the language of sales and marketing- key vocabulary is treated systematically and in context
  • Understand and describe the role of the sales team
  • Make successful pitches and the AIDA approach
  • Cultivate contacts and build relationships
  • Sales meetings-set up run and follow up
  • Negotiate- tips and styles, the win-win negotiation
  • Make offers and writing proposals
  • Take, process and follow up orders

As well as a strong focus on increasing useful language for selling environments,  throughout the course you will develop your awareness of the language of persuasion through engaging in tasks and role plays aimed to simulate real-life sales contexts. English for Sales is an ideal course for those who need to communicate their message and make breakthroughs in the international marketplace.