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Our Method

Communicate. Interact. Improve.


How You Learn with HumanEnglish

Tired of memorizing endless rules and just want to start speaking English? At HumanEnglish you will improve your practical English skills by communicating with expert English trainers.

The great thing about the communicative, task-based approach to is that it simulates real-life situations and gives you the knowledge and confidence to communicate confidently in the real world.


We have created hundreds of tasks and simulations focusing on real-world business scenarios. The tasks range from practicing presenting a new project in front of your colleagues to negotiating a deal with your supplier to dealing with customers complaints over the phone.


Communicative English focuses on language function rather than its form. The success is measured, just like in the real world, by the successful outcome of the task rather than by the accuracy of the language you use.


Learn By Communicating, Not Memorizing Endless Rules!

Learning with HumanEnglish is done by building language patterns through doing practical real-world business tasks instead of rote memorization.

Using our communicative approach you will be learning by interacting and doing practical tasks together with expert English tutors. With HumanEnglish you will get lots of practice to prepare yourself for the most demanding business situations.



Typical 60-Minute Lesson Cycle

Business English Lesson Cycle




English Skills You Will Improve

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Pronunciation
  • Reading
  • Writing

For example, verbs such as ‘put through’, ‘call back’, ‘hang on’ and 'hang up' are all used in the context of telephoning someone. You will see these verbs being used in a natural situation, you will then be directed to notice them and do exercises to manipulate them so you understand their exact meaning. You will then go on to do a task that requires their use in a realistic context mimicking what you do in your job. We will check that you are able to use the items fluently and accurately.

This process will help you internalize the items and they will be ready for use when you need them in your business situation.