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English for Marketing

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circle Minimum 10 lessons
clock 50 mins

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In today’s global economy businesses are expanding their exposure to a worldwide audience and to be successful, professionals working in this field need to use English to plan, co-ordinate and launch campaigns. This course gives you the English you need to operate with confidence as an international marketer.


English for Marketing is a structured course which gives you the language exponents and skills needed to;

  • Understand the language of marketing- key vocabulary is treated systematically
  • Construct and apply marketing plans and strategies
  • The language of B2B and B2C
  • Conduct and evaluate market research, draft consumer questionnaires and evaluate their results
  • Understand client needs, positioning strategies and discuss trends
  • Present campaign plans to stakeholders
  • Discuss branding and trends
  • Hold negotiations with clients and stakeholders
  • Set up, run and evaluate meetings 

As well as a strong focus on increasing useful language you have at your immediate disposal in meeting and negotiations, throughout the course you will develop your awareness of the language of persuasion through engaging in tasks and role plays aimed to simulate real-life marketing contexts. There are also a series of case studies used to illustrate language use and content for marketers.